What is the World Angus Forum?

The World Angus Forum is an exclusive global event that brings together Angus cattle breeders, enthusiasts, and industry professionals from around the world to share knowledge, showcase their cattle, and network with one another.
The forum is typically held every four years in a different host country, and includes a variety of activities such as educational seminars, farm tours, and social events.


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About Angus Australia

The Angus Society of Australia (Angus Australia) was established in 1919.

With a mission ‘To maximise the profitability and sustainability of members through innovation and service’ Angus Australia is focused on supporting the genetic improvement and marketability of Angus and Angus-influenced cattle and beef.

Angus Australia is built on the core values of integrity, engagement, excellence, respect, resilience and simplicity, to allow for versatility within the breed and ensure there are ‘Angus for every system’.

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Australian Cattle Statistics

Australia’s cattle herd reaches highest level in a decade.

Australia is home to 28.7 million head of cattle and more than a third are in Queensland (10.7 million). 

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